Our software features

Powerful Tools

Each software consists of most powerful featured tools in the market, making it the best software among other competitors.

Built-In Documentation

Built-in documentation are built throughout our softwares to guide the users how to use the software properly.

Professional User Interface

Every software is closely researched and crafted with the most compatible user interface, in order to give a pleasant look.

Buillt-In Feedback

Users can now directly report bugs or send feedback from the software itself, helping users to save more time.

Best User Experience

Our softwares are developed with complicated features but are presented in a very comfortable way to the users.

Support Centre

Exclusive 24-hours support centre for users who face problems using our softwares. We will get back to the users immediately.

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What our users say

I have used Cholaware's USB Protection Tool. This is the best software I could ever find in the internet to protect my USB Ports. Now my USB are completely protected and secured from harmful unauthorized users. Thank you, Cholaware! - Delson Deo
USB Protection Tool protect my personal computer from unwanted external devices when I am not around. Great user interface, clean and neat. Recommended for all windows user!- Reyman Rau
Excellently built softwares from Cholaware. I have used USB Protection Tool, it's clean and productive. My USBs are secured from harmful devices. Well done, Cholaware!- Ricky Wan