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Meet Cholaware. We build and maintain applications that makes your life easier. Get to know our applications and download it to start using. We also contribute to the technology back by developing open source projects.

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Does Cholaware apps available for Mac OS and Linux?

Currently, Cholaware apps only available on Windows. Cholaware apps are usually been developed with cross-platfrom in mind. Technically, Cholaware apps will work in Mac OS and Linux. The work to make these apps available in Mac OS and Linux is ongoing and you can expect it to be available in all platform very soon.

How to contribute to Cholaware and it's projects?

Cholaware does develop certain apps as open source under MIT license. This means if you're interested in contributing to these open source apps in any way, you can visit the project's GitHub link. If you wish to contribute Cholaware financially, you can visit this donation link.

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All products listed in this site are developed and maintained by Cholaware. We are open for any kind of collabration, contribution and donation.