Meet Cholaware

We build and maintain applications that makes your life easier. Get to know our applications and download it to start using. We also contribute to the technology back by developing open source projects. .

Who are we?

Cholaware is a software company that was launched in Malaysia on 20th July 2015. Cholaware headquarters is located at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As a team, we always keen about our quality and productivity of our softwares. This is why it takes quite a time to launch our applications, as we test the software until we’re satisfied. We hope we could enlarge Cholaware and bring it to a higher level by the year 2020.

Our Magics

Powerful Tools

Each application consists of powerful featured tools in the market, making it the best software among other competitors.

Beautiful User Interface

Every application is closely researched and crafted with the most compatible user interface, in order to give a pleasant look.

Best User Experience

Our applications are developed with complicated features but are presented in a very comfortable way to the users.

Built-In Documentation

Built-in documentation are built throughout our softwares to guide the users how to use the software properly.

Buillt-In Feedback

Users can now directly report bugs or send feedback from the applications itself, helping users to save more time.

Support Centre

Exclusive 24-hours support centre for users who face problems using our softwares. Just an email and we will get back to the users immediately.

We Have Come A Long Way

Our Start

Launch of our Cholaware with vision and mission to build something userful to the users.

The early days

Making sure that user interface and user experience is top priority for users.

Releases 1Fuel

Release of an Android application that helps to view and track Malaysian fuel prices.

Releases gSubs

Release of a desktop application that can be used to download subtitles easily.

All products listed in this site are developed and maintained by Cholaware. We are open for any kind of collabration, contribution and donation.